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Reading: Interview with: Judge José Luis Jesus


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Interview with: Judge José Luis Jesus


Michela van Rijn

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External Affairs Editor Merkourios 
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Judge José Luis Jesus, born 20 September 1950, in Santo Antão, Cape Verde, has been President of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) since October 2008. Merkourios inquired into the every-day functioning of this relatively novel institution. In what way does the Tribunal contribute to the body of sea law? And importantly, does another law of the sea tribunal add to the per- ceived 'fragmentation of international law'?



How to Cite: van Rijn, M., 2011. Interview with: Judge José Luis Jesus. Merkurious, 27(72), pp.70–74.
Published on 08 Feb 2011.


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